Localization Engineering and Desktop Publishing

There are several tools used to create your documents, websites, E-learning courses or other content. Some documents have a simple layout or file structure, but others can be quite complex (for example, a XML file with a long list of tags, a layered Indesign file, or a scanned PDF file that needs to be translated).

Even though our CAT tools are fully compatible with all major file types, the files do need some pre- and post-processing to make sure the translated or localized files are ready to publish. We need to ensure the translated file retains the layout as per the source, and the text rules are followed as per the language requirements. 

A  correctly prepared file helps you to get the best leverage from the Translation Memories (TMs) and helps in cutting down the translation cost and time.

We engage experienced Localization Engineers and Desktop Publishers for the pre- and post-processing of your files for translation or localization.

Services offered :

  • PDF conversions to Word, Indesign, PowerPoint or Excel formats
  • Document formatting and designing in various publishing and designing tools listed below:
    • Microsoft – Word, PowerPoint, Excel
    • Adobe – Indesign, Illustrator, Framemaker, Photoshop, Captivate
    • Autodesk – AutoCAD and Storyboard
    • Articulate – Storyline
  • Glossary preparation and TM management
  • Preparing files for Translation or converting files post Translation
  • Preparing files for printing or online publishing.

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